Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Springbrook National Park - Lush green rain forests

Isn't it an amazing experience to walk under a water fall to the other side of a river!! This is a place you can have such a exiting experience together with a lush green rain forest lookouts all around the park.

Springbrook National Park is one and half hour easy drive from Brisbane. It is in the Gold Coast hinterland which gives you the spectacular views of the Gold Coast coast line from several amazing lookouts.

Purlingbrook falls is the major attraction which you can see in the following video. You can walk under the falls after a 4km easy walk to the falls. Allow at least 3.5 hours to the full walk including the walk to a natural water pool called 'Waringa pool'. If you navigate using a GPS, key in the street mid-point of "Forestry Rd, Springbrook QLD" then you can easily find all the lookouts and falls by following the signs on the road. If you need further information and maps follow the two links below.


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